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KROJ 101.5 FM  


Radio Ollin is licensed through Ballet Folklorico Ollin, which is a non-profit cultural organization founded in 1972 with the primary goal of preserving and interpreting diverse cultural beauty of Mexico that has been re-created here in California through music, dance, and tradition. Ballet Folklorico Ollin continues its commitment to professionalism and community involvement, to high-quality entertainment with wide audience appeal, and to reach with impact on all levels of the artistic community.

Radio Ollin is a local San Fernando Valley radio station established in 2019. We are a low power FM radio station KROJ 101.5 FM with its studio located at Pueblo y Salud, Inc located in the city of San Fernando. Radio Ollin’s mission is to have a forum for local community events, politics, music, art, and culture.

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Platicando y Mejorando

  • Mondays -Fridays 6am-10am & repeat Mondays-Fridays 10am-2pm

La Voz del Valle

  • Saturdays 8am-10am & Mondays 5pm-7pm

Multicultura Migrante

  • Saturdays 11am-1pm & repeat Wednesdays 5pm-7pm

Business this week

  • Saturdays 2pm-4pm & repeat Fridays 5pm-7pm

El Canto del Chencho

Saturdays 4pm-6pm & repeat Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

Valley Views Show

  • Sundays 10am-12pm & repeat Thursdays 5pm-7pm

Mexico de Mis Amores

  • Sundays 12pm-2pm & repeat Tuesdays 5pm-7pm

EL Show de la Pachanga

  • Sundays 7pm-9pm & repeat Fridays 7pm-9pm