About Pueblo y Salud

Pueblo y Salud, Inc is a Social and Human Services Agency that focuses on Education, Prevention, Organizing, Mobilizing and Empowerment.

Pueblo y Salud, Inc


Founded in 1991 as a 501 (c)(3) Pueblo y Salud, Inc. (PyS) focuses on serving communities within Los Angeles County with a focus on education, civic participation, health, culture, and drug/alcohol/tobacco prevention services.

Our Public Health programs seek to improve community standards to address tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drug-related concerns and assist in protecting the public health and safety of communities. Our Prevention efforts focus on ways to prevent youth access, reduce availability and change social norms in Los Angeles County communities.
In addition, PYS works with parents, youth, community members, local organizations and key decision-makers to advocate for healthier tobacco-related policies. PYS works closely with retailers to reduce youth access to tobacco products and also, focuses on reducing exposure to second-hand smoke in Los Angeles County.

PYS began policy development work in 1988, three years prior to institutional into agency it is today. During the pre-formative years. PYS board of directors and executive director comprised partial membership of the Latino Coalition on Alcohol issues of the San Fernando Valley., This organization was the first in the County of Los Angeles to implement an environmental alcohol prevention model which included policy enactment as a primary approach to achieving policy goals. PYS has educated and registered more than  53,000 voters in the San Fernando Valley through the implementation of the non-partisan voter registration project.

PYS has helped residents make their voices heard through voting. PYS through the computer and literacy initiative project was able to teach basic computer skills, use of English as a Second Language (ESL) software, advanced computing skills, and basic/ advance internet use to both youth and parents in the community. These skills prepared individuals to pursue higher education, participate in civic affairs, increased a better knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the computer, the ability to connect with modern technology. In 1990, PYS received several commendations including he DAAAM Award from the County of Los Angeles and the Robert. W Wetzel Award from the California State Advisory Board on Alcohol-Related Problems.

PYS began work on successfully passing tobacco-related policies since 1997. PYS has a history receiving funding from the Los Angeles County Tobacco Prevention Project (TCPP). PYS has successfully worked and enacted tobacco retailer licensing ordinances, self-service display ordinances, and tobacco billboard advertising ordinances in Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley. PYS has successfully enacted ordinances that prohibit cigarette vending machines, the distribution of free samples, sale or distribution of tobacco products at public city-sponsored events, and enacted a smoke-free parks ordinance. Through funds by TCPP in the Antelope Valley Community Coalition (FAAV) for ongoing community activities and information.

Through these educational meetings the past 13 years and much research from all parties, we have positively impacted the health of our community by implementing Smoke-Free Parks, owner enforced Smoke-Free Housing, Smoke-Free College Campuses and Tobacco Retailer Licensing in the cities of San Fernando, Lancaster, and Palmdale. PYS has the financial capability to implement this program successfully as we have contracted within the County and City of Los Angeles since 1991.