Behind the Logo

Our Logo

The Mask Of Tlatilco in Mexico City dates back to 1300BC during the pre-classic period. The left side represents a live person, the right a dead person. Duality, a concept brought forth through pre-Columbian time with the Olmecs as its originators, is expressed in the mask.

The Nahuas of the period, to whom the mask is attributed, believed life on Earth was a transitional state, a bridge leading to another world. Like the papalotl (butterfly), hu-mans matured on Earth until transformed through death into a more wondrous and god-like creature.

The mask has special significance to Pueblo y Salud. It embodies man’s desire to develop into the most perfect person one can become: spiritually, mentally, and physically. We believe that this is man’s purpose in life and there exists many obstacles which keep us from achieving self-actualization: the dehumanizing effect of economic and political oppression, one of the most glaring examples.

One person CAN make a difference

Our logo represents life and death. It symbolizes a transformation in one’s living choices. Sometimes it is necessary to see how close you are to the end to make the choice to renew your life.