City, County & State Coalitions

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Los Angeles Drug Alcohol Policy Alliance (LADAPA):

Mission: Advocating for safe and healthy communities by reducing drug and alcohol-related harm through public awareness and policy change.


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California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA):

Mission: Shall unite diverse organizations and communities in California to protect health and safety, and prevent alcohol-related harm through statewide action.

Rethinking Access to Marijuana


Rethinking Access to Marijuana (RAM):

A diverse group of community-based organizations working together to educate people about the harms of youth marijuana use. We are committed to helping LA County residents take action in their communities to minimize youth exposure to marijuana. Our mission is to prevent the access and availability that leads to youth marijuana use in the communities of Los Angeles County.

For more information on our Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Programs:
San Fernando Office, Tel: (818) 837-2272
Palmdale Office, Tel: (661) 208-4452