San Fernando Office

Retail Education Program: PYS is working with Alcohol Retailers in the city of San Fernando, Pacoima, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Studio City by providing Responsible Beverage Services (RBS) training to liquor store personnel by teaching retailers how to sell alcohol responsibly to their customers.  Helping retailers implement best practices for limiting sales to youth and reducing underage drinking in our communities.

Parent Education Prevention Workshops: PYS conducts numerous prevention workshops to parents and adults to increase public awareness:

  •  Risks of prescription drug abuse
  • Safe use/ storage/ drug disposal programs for OTC/ Prescriptions pills
  • Risks of marijuana and access
  • Risks of alcohol consumption among youth and availability
  • Provide available resources for help

Youth Prevention Education Classes:

PYS conducts alcohol and other drugs prevention classes to  Middle and High schools students to educate them on the harms of alcohol and other drugs.

Prevention Community Council (PCC):  The goal is to implement policies that will improve the safety and wellness of the community. The council invites community residents, parents, youth, agencies, schools, law enforcement, and city officials to discuss how we can work together to address community concerns related to alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills,  and other drugs.

Coalition Groups: Our coalitions work on local, city, county and statewide alcohol and other drug-related issues to improve the quality of life among our youth and their families.

For more information on our San Fernando Programs, contact the San Fernando Office:
Tel: (818)837-2272