Youth Education Programs

project 444                 

Project ALERT  is a school-based 11 week program for Middle school students located in the Northeast San Fernando Valley which has proven to have reduced the experimental use of drugs. It seeks to prevent adolescent non-users from experimenting with drugs. Also, help students already experimenting from becoming more abusers with alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs. This curriculum is published by the BEST Foundation For A Drug-Free Tomorrow and RAND.

Lessons as follows:

  • Introduction to Project Alert
  • Consequences of Smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana
  • Drinking Consequences and Alternatives
  • Introduction to Pressures
  • Social Pressures to Use Drugs
  • Resisting Internal and External Pressures to Use Drugs
  • Practicing Resistance Skills
  • Inhalant Abuse
  • Review and Practice Resistance Techniques
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Benefits of not Using Drugs